Gezim Sherolli, and his wife Nezaqet migrated to Australia from a small town in Albania in 1996. Similar to many migrants from Albania at this time, he and Nezaqet began working as orchard labourers in the Shepparton (Goulburn Valle) area. Along with his wife he worked long hours with little if any time off to establish a life for himself and his family here in Australia, all the time having a dream to establish an orchard of his own.

The orchard he had in mind was a walnut orchard, as walnuts were an integral part of his rural upbringing in Albania. Coupled with generations of traditional knowledge and expertise from his homeland, Gezim engaged the services of Australia’s foremost walnut experts in establishing the Goulburn Valley’s largest planting of walnuts. This inherited knowledge, combined with leading edge horticultural research and development defines Gezim’s goal to becoming the best Walnut grower in Australia, if not the world.

Growing walnuts is not just a job or a means for business success to Gezim, it is an ingrained passion which has been fermenting through his ancestral veins for hundreds of years, This genuine desire to advance the production and consumption of one of the worlds most positive health foods is, a quest that shall never cease for Gezim.